Your guide to a pocket friendly dental implant surgery in Sydney


If you have ever wondered what if would cost to go for a dental implant, you are certainly not the first one. Even with internet in your palms, it can be very hard to decide the perfect budget for a dental implant and the type of surgery you choose. Well, for starters, the cost will depend on several factors, including the type of implant (material), the number of tooth that need to be replaced, the procedure recommended and even your geographical location. In dental clinics of Sydney, one single implant can cost you between $1000 and $3000. With added guards like the crown, it may even rise to a $5000 bill.

As such, you can always compare between the prices offered by several clinics within a comfortable driving distance. People even travel to different countries to get their implants done! While looking for an international clinic is a good way of saving cost, you might also want to consider the local factors and the advantages local clinics come with.

It is easy to wonder why dental implants cost so much in Sydney. However, do understand that this cost in inclusive of several advantages that you wouldn’t have achieved with an alternative procedure like crowns or veneers. Going through a proper dental implant treatment follows several stages starting from the initial consultations you would do with an experienced doctor. To make the procedure work for you, the doctors will need to access the health and condition of both your teeth and jaw bone. Diagnostic imaging like panoramic X-rays are costly procedures but will save you a lot in pain and the worries associated with failed procedures.

Apart from the implant, you are also paying for the specialist care. Now, involving a professional who has excelled in the field and will ensure that your get back your natural smile, will obviously come with a price.  Apart from this, there are several other things like bone grafting, customized abutment that is included in the total cost of an implant. The total cost for a dental implant can be broken down into the following list:

  • Placing of implant into the bone
  • Custom fabricated abutment
  • The crown
  • Facility and surgeon fees
  • Fees for the anaesthesiologist and other professionals involved in the procedure
  • Cost of prescription medicines, ranging from mouth washes to pain relievers

It’d to get apprehensive about the cost of dental implants in Sydney but it is equally necessary that you opt for a high quality treatment and post treatment care. After all, it’s our smile we are talking about! There should be no compromises.
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