A Year in Review – Our Dental Practice’s Commitment to Affordable Care in 2024

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Greetings to Our Valued Patients and Clients,

As we approach the end of the fiscal year 2024, it’s a moment of reflection for our family-owned dental practice. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all of you who have stood by us over the years, including through challenging times like the lockdowns.

This year has been exceptionally fulfilling for us, as we continue our mission to provide top-notch dental care in Sydney, a mission made even more vital by the soaring cost of living in Australia.

Our commitment to investing in the most advanced dental technology ensures we maintain the highest standards in our services.

Maintaining affordable pricing without compromising on quality remains a core objective at our clinics. Our focus on offering the most cost-effective solutions for Dental Implants and Oral Surgery, including wisdom teeth removal, stays unwavering.

In our efforts to serve the community better, we’ve held onto our well-appreciated $99 or No Gap offerings for essential general dentistry services. The positive feedback and glowing reviews from you continue to fuel our dedication to keep our fees as accessible as possible, assisting those most in need of affordable dental care in Australia.

This year, we’ve been fortunate to expand our team with new, highly skilled practitioners, reinforcing our reputation for quality care at reasonable prices. This expansion has allowed us to extend our reach in offering complex dental procedures at affordable rates through our partnership with The Teeth Professionals Service.

We bid farewell to Dr Douglas Lo, who has shifted his focus towards pursuing postgraduate studies in prosthodontics and will henceforth only see patients through referrals at our clinic. We are immensely grateful for his contributions and wish him success in his new path. For appointments with Dr Lo, please contact our Sydney clinic directly.

Below is an overview of our remarkable team, comprising longstanding and new members, each bringing a wealth of experience to further enhance the broad range of treatments we offer, all while upholding our commitment to affordability.

We are deeply thankful for the continuous support from our community and look forward to serving you in the upcoming fiscal year and beyond.

You can easily book an appointment with any of our dedicated team members 24/7 through our website dentalimplantscost.com.au.

Author Bio:

After years working in hospital trauma centres in Latin America and the United States with oral surgeons and other specialists, Dr Pinho made the move to Australia. For his first four years, Paulo worked as a part-time dental officer at the oral surgery department of the Royal Dental Hospital in Melbourne. Dr Pinho is skilled in performing oral surgery under local and general anaesthetic.

Dr Pinho is the founder of No Gap Dentists and made his goal to provide affordable high-quality dentistry in Australia. Dr Pinho has been performing oral surgery for more than 20 years and is capable to perform complex dental Implants and wisdom teeth removal. He has an impeccable safety record, has removed over 40,000 wisdom teeth and placed over 3,500 successful dental implants in his career. You can find more information about Dr Pinho on his website DrPauloPinho.com.au