How much does dental implants cost and will it be expensive?

Implant procedures vary from very simple to very complex and this will affect the total cost. In some cases we can place your implants immediately; for others, we may need to rebuild bone that has atrophied before placing implants.

The type of prosthetics (artificial teeth) can also affect the cost and the number of implants that you need. For example, overdentures are essentially dentures that snap into place overtop of a bar supported by implants. These are generally the least expensive type of prosthetics, and you can remove them yourself.

Fixed-detachable teeth are denture teeth fused to a metal framework, which is then attached to the implants. These do not come out – only a dentist can remove them. They are more expensive than a removable over denture.
Dental implants whether to replace a tooth or to anchor dentures can result in improved speech. Your facial muscles will not have to be tense in order to hold the denture in place. No more slurring or mumbling or clicking noises.

Dental implants will restore your ability to eat with confidence and enjoy the taste of food. Upper dentures in particular inhibit your ability to tast food since they cover much of the palate.