All on 4 Dental Implants in Sydney

The difference in price between Dental Implant Systems is rarely more than $100. The design of new modern Dental Implants are very similar nowadays. Remember, if you are being charged thousands of dollars more, you are being charged this extra for labour, not for a better brand. Of most importance is good planning and an experienced surgeon.


All on 4 Dental Implants Cost in Sydney

High Quality and Affordable All Teeth on 4 Surgery

dental digitalAll on 4 Dental Implants  have all teeth supported by only 4 implants.  It is a dental technique where the back implants are tilted 45º to provide  stability and support for total rehabilitation.  Tilting the back implants helps overcome bone deficiencies often found in the back of the jaws and most often avoids the need for bone grafting. Since fewer implants are used by comparison to conventional techniques.

PRICING per Arch Including Prosthesis:

1. Long term provisional $11,500

2. Reinforced long term provisional $14,000

3. Zirconia $24,000 ( 4 or 6 Implants – Same Price – Includes an Immediate fixed provisional Bridge – Full Arch Zirconia at no Extra Cost – Unparalleled Quality at an Exceptional Price )

WARNING: This technique is only indicated for edentulous patients or patients with no teeth remaining. Also for patients with not enough bone to place Implants the tradicional way. It is the last resource and only indicated for very complex cases.

All on 4 Dental Implants Cost in Sydney

All Teeth On 4 ImplantsIn the past, having a large amount of teeth replaced could be a lengthy process involving long waits and many implants placed in your mouth. All on 4 dental implants is different because you can have a set of replacement teeth in place with only four implants needed. It is able to do so by placing two of the four implants at such an angle that the bridge is supported by the implants at the front of the mouth, where the jaw bone is denser and stronger. This revolutionary treatment concept can be used in the upper or lower jaw to support an immediate fixed bridge that looks, feels and functions very similar to natural teeth.

Today, virtually all denture patients, those with failing crown and bridgework, and even those with severe bone loss from periodontal disease can have the answer they have been seeking with all on 4 dental implant revolutionary procedures.

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Dr Gunaridis

Dr Gunaridis Dental Surgeon

Dr Poli Gunaridis works exclusively in the field of implant and regenerative dentistry and has placed over 4000 implants and performed highly advanced implant and regenerative surgeries.
Poli lectures both locally and internationally on the topics of implant and graft procedures and regularly provides courses and mentorship for dentists in Australia.

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Price for a full Dental Implant including fixture and crown is $2850. Further discount may apply for cases requiring more than 2 implants. Discounted prices and quotes for cases requiring more than 2 implants can only be given during consultation with the surgeon.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before Proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriate qualified health practitioner.