A person who is well enough to undergo the treatment necessary for fixed bridgework or routine tooth extractions, the same person can undergo dental implant procedures. After a thorough examination and discussion with your dentist, the best implant suitable for you is determined. But the amount and location of available bone determines whether you are fit for the treatment.

Dental implants resemble more like natural teeth and treat them all that way. Schedule regular dental checkups, brush, floss, and take care of gums to reduce further complications.

Dental implants may be a little more expensive than fixed bridgework to place initially, but since they last so much longer, over time they are much more cost-effective. You can get high quality dental treatment at an affordable, cheap and lower than the average dental implant cost at $2850.

Dental implants are not covered by most dental insurance plans if there is a cheaper alternative. Your dentist may offer payment plan options to ensure you get the best treatment available to replace missing teeth, regardless of your insurance coverage.

Dental implants take a few weeks to complete the entire process, and there is no specific recovery time. The recovery time for each patient depends on a number of factors such as bone grafting, jaw bone health, and individual health. To speed up the recovery process, the experts recommend patients to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. A strict soft food diet must be followed to help you get back to the normal routine at the earliest. Avoid any hard or crunchy foods as they can ruin your implants leading to more issues down the road. Visit to learn about the tooth implants cost in Sydney.

An allergy to titanium can cause rejection of dental implants and is extraordinarily rare. In some cases the implant is simply removed and the site is allowed to heal. Then your surgeon can place another implant, which will integrate with the bone normally.

Absolutely yes! Implant rejection is very rare and if such condition occurs, the failed implant can be replaced with another. With ongoing technological advancements and more durable implant materials rejection can be avoided.

If the implant becomes loose during the healing period, or just after, it will be easily removed and your jaw will heal in the normal way. It can be replaced by another implant once your jaw has healed. Or the dentist can make a bridge, fitting it to the implanted false teeth that have been successful.

Dental implants are proven to be safe and effective. Only minor complications may occur and a few among them are, – Infection – Sinus problem – Nerve damage – Implant failure

Prices for Dental Implants can vary based on several factors of the dental implant practice. They can also vary based on the reputation and experience of the dental implant dentist involved in your procedure. At Dental Implants Professionals in Sydney, we are now very proud to offer this state-of-the-art, high quality dental treatment at an affordable, cheap and lower than the average dental implant cost at $2850.

Our dental professionals in Sydney can facilitate several payment options and a payment plan to help financing the treatment if needed. Find out more about our Implants with a free consultation; we can answer many common questions about Sydney dental implant treatment costs. Dental Implants Professionals in Sydney also offers discounts for cases requiring more than 2 implants.

The benefits include:

  • Better appearance,
  • Speech improvement,
  • Greater comfort,
  • Greater ability to chew food naturally


It is essential to choose a dental implant professional with the training, skills and experience to assess your situation and custom design a personalized treatment plan just for you.

Absolutely NOT! Dental Implants Professionals offer dental implant under IV sedation or “sleep dentistry” for just $2850 and with a 85% Medicare rebate patients can pay as little as $100 to have surgery under a very relaxed and calm state. For more details, contact our professional dental implant professionals in Sydney!

There are a couple of factors the dentists in our practice will take into account when determining your eligibility for All-on-4 dental implants

  • Your current state of oral health
  • Your medical history: Pre-existing medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, and bleeding tendencies may increase associated risks to dental implant surge


Dental implants are stronger and more durable than dentures or a bridge. They offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. In the case of multiple missing teeth, dental implants may be used to support a dental bridge or with dentures to increase stability and reduce gum irritation. Dental implants, whether used in combination with dentures or a bridge or on their own, make it easier to eat the foods you love, speak clearly, and smile with confidence.

There is a government rebate that is available to a taxpayer whose eligible net medical expenses in the year of income exceed $1,500 (net of Medicare and any health fund refund). The amount of the rebate is 20% of the excess over $1,500 but cannot exceed the amount of tax otherwise paid. The rebate is claimed when the patient lodges their annual income tax return.

The entire process usually takes about two to six months, depending on your treatment plan. There are two main phases: First the implants have to heal by fusing to the bone, and then the tooth replacement restorations have to be fabricated and attached.

Implants can be placed sometimes at the time of extraction, but normally this is done about 12 weeks after removal of the tooth

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as straightforward as one would expect. Ideally, a full dental implant treatment ranges from $1,500 to upwards of $10,000. The cost for treatment along with the cost of the crown with us is $2850. This does not mean that people who pay a higher fee are doing so for a better brand. Considering the fact that most modern dental treatment facilities are alike, geographical location and the surgeon’s skill/experience are the only factors that influence treatment costs. Proper planning and experienced surgeons can ensure that patients do not have to pay through their nose for treatment. At Dental Implant Professionals we offer treatment at a cost considered affordable compared to the average price in Australia offered by other clinics in Sydney and Melbourne or in good clinics overseas like in Thailand.

A lot of planning and execution goes into offering affordable dental implant treatment in Sydney. Unlike others, we don’t hype things up or spruce up the job with bells and whistles. We don’t have a fancy website, or write eloquent prose justifying ‘the need for high costs’ or talk about comparing ‘apples with apples’.

Our surgeons have a combined experience of more than 50 years in the industry. They have been performing dental implants in several clinics throughout Sydney and Melbourne. Our state of the art treatment facilities have high quality equipments; the implants used in our clinic are from big large world wide well known companies and approved by Australia.

It is wrongly believed that dental implants in Thailand are cheaper and way less expensive than in Australia. Typically, dental implant at a good Thailand based facility costs around $2500. This does not include travel cost or accommodation expenses. Unlike the information mentioned on there websites, it is not always possible to complete the entire treatment within a week or two. Ossseointegration takes around 2 months and although immediate loading is now reality it is sometimes also important that you complete at least 3 visits within this period.Every case is different.

At ‘Dental Implant Professionals’ we are proud to be able to offer painless dentistry. The entire procedure is completed free of pain under Local anaesthesia under IV sedation. Dr Pinho is known for his care with dental phobic patients.

Although dental implants are largely successful, the success of this procedure usually depends on the follow up care and precautions undertaken by the surgeon and the patient. The dentists at ‘Dental Implant Professionals’ explains clearly about the steps to be taken for the weeks following the implant treatment. Some of these include avoid hot drinks or food and rubbing the treated area with the fingers or the tongue. In some cases, an implant is far stronger and aesthetically even more appealing than the natural tooth.

Generally, dental implants are covered by insurance. Many companies are offering it as a part of their dental insurance package.

If you follow basic precautions, dental implants can last a lifetime! Care includes proper cleaning, following up on normal regular checkups. After a decade or so, some internal screws may need tightening, but if you’ve followed your dental surgeon’s advice religiously, there’s little to worry.

Treatment begins by taking x-rays of your mouth followed by discussing the treatment plan. Sometimes the tooth is immediately replaced, while sometimes a minor jaw surgery or bone grafting may be necessary. The entire treatment can last from two weeks to up to 6 months. A major portion of the time is spent on waiting for the bone to grow and fuse with the jaw.

Dental implant treatment has evolved over time and is now considered safe and effective. In fact, there have been so many advancements in the field that this is now considered the dental field with the highest success rate. Risks, if any are relative to the patient’s health history and the safety measures undertaken during the treatment. So make sure that you check the dental surgeon’s credentials before agreeing for the dental implant. General risks include infection, damage to the adjcent teeth or roots.All written and verbally explained to all patients prior to any procedure.

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