DENTAL IMPLANT COST in Melbourne & Sydney

The difference in price between Dental Implant systems is rarely more than $100. The design of new modern Dental Implants are very similar nowadays. Remember, if you are being charged thousands of dollars more, you are being charged this extra for labour, not for a better brand. Of most importance is good planning and an experienced surgeon.


Implant Fixture



Implant Crown



Full Dental Implant


Discount may apply for cases requiring more than 2 implants

Dental Implants Crown and Fixtures Cost in Sydney

Total Price for Fixture + Crown: $2850

Dental Implants Sydney Cost – Australian-Approved Implants at Affordable Rates A missing tooth can affect your smile and appearance. Dental implants are one of the best ways to replace your damaged or missing teeth, as they offer a permanent restoration solution. This revolutionary treatment employs titanium posts anchored in your jaw bone to provide support to your new tooth. Yes, the dentures and implants mounted into implants won’t fall or slip, providing convenience while you eat or speak. Depending upon the number of teeth you are missing or your oral health, you may need a single tooth implant or full mouth dental implants.
If you are willing to get dental implants and are worried over the dental implants Sydney cost, don’t fret! At Dental Implants Professionals, we help you get back that winning grain by providing cheap dental implants in Sydney that doesn’t pinch your wallet. We employ the best techniques in the industry to replace your missing teeth by providing a permanent solution to your removable dentures. Stability and the excellent support offered by our tooth implants is top-notch. Call us on 1300 850 072 to inquire more about our dental implants Sydney cost.

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Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Implants Sydney?

You can be a great candidate for cheap dental implants in Sydney if you,

– Have lost one or more teeth
– Suffer from gum disease that affects your dental health
– Find wearing dentures uncomfortable
– Are unhappy with your smile
– Have biting issues
– Have a loose tooth, or your teeth don’t line up
– Find difficulty in making sounds

Why Should You Choose Us for Low Dental Implants Sydney Cost?

A great smile enhances your social and personal life. If you want to improve your facial appearance and self-confidence with a low tooth implant cost in Sydney, look no further than Dental Implants Professionals. Our dental implants are made from high-quality materials and are available at low prices to get your missing tooth replaced.

Our dentists at Dental Implants Professionals understand the pain and frustration of having a missing tooth. We employ advanced tools and techniques in the dental industry, which makes us the leading choice for low dental implants Sydney cost. Our affordable and stable solution fixes your biting issues and gives back your smile.

Our Dental Implant Process – Low Dental Implants Sydney Cost Guaranteed

Are you looking for low dental implants cost in Melbourne and Sydney? Our unique approach helps you receive the best dental care at a comparatively low tooth implant cost in Melbourne.

Step #1: Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, we perform an oral examination to identify the best teeth replacement option for you. We take impressions of your mouth, X-rays, scans, and images to come up with a comprehensive dental treatment plan that’s exclusively designed for you. Our initial consultation with our dentists is FREE to help you experience the benefit of low dental implant price in Melbourne and Sydney.

Step #2: Implant Placement

After creating the best treatment plan for you, we will schedule a surgical date to place the implant. This procedure can be done under local anaesthesia or sedation. This is the surgical phase, and your dental implants will be inserted into your jaw. Based on your oral health, the complexity of the procedure may vary, which affects your dental implant price in Sydney. If you have enough jaw bone in your mouth for implant placement, it’s directly fixed into the jawbone by making an incision. But, if there is not enough jaw bone for the implant placement, other techniques such as bone grafting, removal of teeth, or more may be needed. This increases your tooth implant cost in Sydney. The implant used for the procedure is Australian approved and certified and made from titanium. Generally, the cost of an implant fixture is $1500. If you are getting two or more implants, discounts may apply for your dental implants cost in Melbourne.

Step #3: Recovery Period

After implant placement, the surgical area for your dental implants is allowed to heal. After 12 weeks or less, you will be called for a post-operative appointment to check how well the surgical site has been healed. The number of appointments may differ based on the complexity of the procedure.

Step #4: Crown Placement

A crown resembles your natural tooth and is made by making impressions of the implant site in your mouth. To make the crown look more natural, it will be shaded. The implant is placed over the implant and secured well to the implant so it may not fall or slip out of your mouth. The cost of an implant crown is $1350 and looks more like your natural teeth. These crowns are made of porcelain metal and zirconium, all made in Australian-recognised labs. This influences the tooth implant cost in Melbourne.

Step #5: Maintenance and Dental Visits

Regular maintenance and check-up visits are scheduled to ensure the long-term success of your implants. Follow the instructions and recommendations made by your dentist diligently to make sure there are no issues in the future. The total dental implant price in Melbourne is $2850, including the implant and crown.

Dental Implants Crown and Fixtures – Total Dental Implants Sydney Cost

When it comes to dental implants, each patient has different requirements, and the dental implant price in Sydney associated varies accordingly. However, here is an approximate guide of tooth implant cost in Sydney that help you make a wise decision to choose the right replacement option for your teeth. The dental implant fixture is made of titanium posts, which is positions into the bone under your gums, which allows the dentists to place a new tooth over it. The cost of an implant fixture is $1500, and it provides the best support for the replacement tooth. The crown placed over the implant feels more natural than traditional dentures and costs around $1350. So, the dental implants cost in Melbourne for a single tooth is not more than $2850. Call us on 1300 850 072 to book an appointment and learn more about tooth implant cost in Melbourne.


The success rate of dental implants varies based on individual health and oral habits. For an individual with good oral hygiene and good health, the success rate of dental implants is reported to be around 90 to 95% compared to other tooth replacement options. Moreover, the implant fixture is made of titanium, a completely biocompatible material. Hence, there is less rejection rate, and allergies are extremely rare. However, if there is no proper maintenance and dental check-ups, an infection may develop, which results in implant rejection. But implants regularly achieve more than 95% of success rates. Visit to learn more about dental implants Sydney cost.

The discomfort experienced during a dental implant procedure varies between people. Most individuals undergoing an implant surgery report their implant experience was less uncomfortable than they expected. Generally, the dental implant procedure is done under local anaesthesia, and most of the patients who undergo dental implants experience no pain during the dental implant procedure. However, there will be mild soreness at the surgical site after the implant procedure, and this can be treated with over-the-counter pain medications. If you want to stay more relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure, you can even choose sleep dentistry. Call 1300 850 072 to know about tooth implant cost in Sydney.

While traditional dental implants replace a single tooth or multiple teeth in a row, advancements in dental technology allows you to replace all the upper and lower teeth in your mouth using full arch implants. The full arch implants use a fixed bridge to replace an entire row of missing teeth in your mouth. The number of implants required to support the teeth in each arch varies depending on the individual. However, the dental implants cost in Melbourne is slightly higher than single tooth or multiple teeth replacement.

There is no age limit for getting dental implants. In some cases, patients are considered too young to have dental implants because their jaw bone isn’t fully developed. When dental implants are placed in a jaw prematurely, the implants may shift out as the jawbone continues to evolve. Otherwise, the only factor that a person getting a dental implant must consider is their general medical health. The healing time for patients with diabetes and those who have the habit of smoking is longer compared to healthy individuals.

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