Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney

SydneyWisdom Teeth can cause damage to adjacent teeth specially lower molars. We come across a large amount of patients that have unfortunately post pone necessary Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney and have damage teeth that cannot be repaid and need Implant tooth replacement.

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In the majority of cases, there will not be enough room in the jaw for a wisdom tooth or all wisdom teeth to fully emerge. This can lead to several complications. If the exit of the wisdom teeth is stalled at the halfway point (soft impaction), this can make brushing and flossing the wisdom teeth extremely difficult and damage adjacent molars. Wisdom teeth do not usually cause pain until damage has already been done! Getting wisdom teeth out, wisdom teeth removal surgery or as some say wisdom removal is best performed sooner rather than later. Age is one of the most important aspects when it comes to risks and post-operatory recovery from surgeries involving impacted wisdom teeth removal. The roots of wisdom teeth in a teenager are still forming, making the wisdom teeth removal easier and safer. Later in life the roots of wisdom teeth are completely formed and embedded firmly in the jaw. X-rays taken earlier can indicate whether or not wisdom teeth will cause problems. The dental surgeon or oral surgeon will tell you when is the best time for the wisdom teeth removal.

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