What Are The Negative Effects Of Missing Teeth In Adults?

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Many times, adults either lose one of their precious teeth or have them removed due to tooth decay. If you continue living your life without solving the issue of your missing tooth, you might face many negative effects on your oral health. Apart from health issues, missing a tooth can also affect your beautiful smile and it might reduce your confidence levels as well. You can end up looking a lot older than you really are as face structure changes over time with missing teeth.

Understanding the Concept of Missing Teeth and Finding the Right Solution

As per the law of nature, our teeth are not meant to fall. They do fall when we are children but once we grow up, they are not ideally supposed to fall. When a tooth goes missing, your other teeth and jaw suffer because there is something out of place in your mouth.

Bite Relationship – Having a missing tooth can affect the way your jaw closes. This is called the bite relationship.

Drifting Teeth – This is a serious problem with missing teeth. When there is a gap, other teeth slowly slide and shift to positions that are not comfortable or functional for them. This begins a disaster in your mouth. Plus, food can get stuck in new open spaces between teeth and lead to serious gum problems or decay.

The best solution for this is opting for dental implants. Try and replace teeth as soon as they are lost to avoid these problems and keep looking young! You can get state-of-the-art dental implants in Sydney at affordable costs to maintain your oral health and stay happy and smiling!