Top Factors Influencing the Dental Implants Cost

Top Factors Influencing the Dental Implants Cost

Sometimes, people consider knowing the dental implants cost Melbourne. When you do your research before choosing a dental implant centre, you can wonder why it is difficult to find a clear answer. You’ll discover that figures differ widely. Although the dental implants cost Melbourne can be overwhelming, they are worth their value as a permanent and natural-looking substitute for missing teeth. It helps to look at the many factors that can impact implant costs as you evaluate options for tooth replacement and decide which implant centre to select.

Influences On Dental Implant Cost:

Implant Type

In a single stage process or in 2 steps, dental implants Melbourne may be installed. The implant is inserted and the incision is stitched over in the 2-stage process. A second surgery will be done in about three months to mount the abutment. When a bone graft needs to be performed to ensure the implant’s stability, a 2-stage procedure is usually required.


To blend with the jawbone without causing an allergic reaction or being rejected by the body, tooth implant Melbourne need to be made from bio-compatible materials. Titanium, or titanium alloy, is the safest material for implants. As its whiteness enables it to blend with natural teeth, some dental surgeons have started using zirconium as an alternative.


Your dental surgeon has to perform x-rays and special scans of your mouth before inserting your implants. CT scans allow the surgeon to see if the jawbone is appropriate for a good implant. They also assist the surgeon in predicting and preventing any surgical complications.

Procedures Of Positioning

Accurate techniques for implant placement use state-of-the-art computer technology. Static placement requires that scans be taken from your mouth so that surgical placement guides can be produced. Dynamic placement uses computer monitors and software during the placement process to direct the hand of the surgeon.

Location Of The Implant Centre

As we mentioned in our blog, Reasons to Beware of Dental Tourism, it can save you money to fly to other nations to get dental implants. However the risk to your health may not be worth the savings, and may end up costing you more financially to fix any problems that occur.

Dental Surgeon’s Experience And Preparation

The more your dental surgeon is qualified and skilled, the more you will need to pay. The extra cost is worth the peace of mind you receive knowing that you are having the best treatment. The process of becoming a dental surgeon is lengthy and complicated. For state licencing, surgeons need to pass a 2-part National Board Dental Test.

Bone Grafts

You may need to undergo a bone graft before your implant operation if your jawbone is too fragile or unable to accommodate a dental implant. An additional surgery includes a bone graft during which donor bone is added to the original bone to fuse and develop into it.