Tooth Implants: Procedure and Benefits


Bridgework tooth replacements? Need an alternative to dentures? Dental implant surgery can offer a welcome alternative! Dental implant surgery replaces the tooth roots with metal, adding screw-like posts and replacing the missing or damaged teeth with artificial teeth, which functions and look much like a real tooth. So, have you been considering tooth implants in Sydney, or are in doubt whether a dental implants procedure fixes your particular problem? If so, you will have a large number of questions! To get clear all your doubts and make a good decision on dental implants, continue reading this blog. This is a blog about the dental implant procedure and dental implant benefits.

Dental Implants – What to Expect

The dental implants in Sydney – This modern tooth replacement option is the best alternative to dentures. After the dental implants procedure, all you have is a brand new tooth that looks and functions like a real tooth. And during the procedure, what you expect is,

“Before the tooth implants in Sydney, your dentist will give anaesthesia, and into the jawbone, he will place a titanium frame or fixture. In the healing period, your new artificial tooth will be custom-made to affix to the fixture. Over the healing period, the rod will fuse with the bone, which acts as your tooth root. Finally, the custom mane tooth will be fixed.

Dental implant procedure in steps,

Step 1: Removing the Damaged tooth
Step 2: If needed, Jawbone preparation (grafting) will be done
Step 3: Implant will be placed
Step 4: Healing For Bone growth
Step 5: Abutment placement will be Done
Step 6: The Final – your artificial tooth will be place
Don’t panic, dental implants have a 95% success rate!

Benefits Of Having Dental Implant Procedure

  1. Convenience
  2. Increased confidence (and an ability to smile again)
  3. Better durability than alternative methods
  4. Improved oral health
  5. Eating is easier
  6. Improved comfort
  7. Improved speech versus dentures
  8. A Permanent Solution to Tooth Loss
  9. Improved appearance/Self-esteem. Prevents Changes In the Shape Of Your Face
  10. Supports Adjacent Teeth
  11. No Embarrassing Slippage
  12. Easy to Care For
  13. Won’t Get Cavities
  14. Prevents Bone Loss
  15. Matches Your Natural Teeth
  16. Restores Bite Force

Wrapping Up

Are you looking to having a dental implant? You have made the right decision! To have a quality dental implant treatment at an affordable cost, choose the right dental clinic! You can also choose Dental Implants Professionals dental clinic for the service expected. There, the tooth implant cost in Sydney will be affordable, and it won’t compromise the quality of the work done. Did you know Paulo Pinho have placed more than 3500 dental implants for this patient?