Things You Need to Know about Bone Grafting Dental Implants


Dental implants have allowed hundreds and thousands of people to enjoy fully functional teeth replacements which look and feel like natural teeth. After a successful implant surgery, you can able to regain the ability to talk, smile, eat and laugh with the confident that your new teeth is performing well. For those who are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants are a desirable option.

In order to insert these implants safely in which the screws are made of titanium, you must have sufficient bone volume in the jaw. But, some patients who do not have adequate bone volume so that they may often require a bone grafting surgery to implant placement. Bone graft dental implants in Sydney is a surgical procedure that places new bone or a replacement bone material into the spaces between or around the broken jaw bone or holes in the bone to aid in healing.

Possible Causes of Bone Loss Which may require bone grafting

  • If a tooth extract from the area of the jaw without any bone grafting, it may leads to bone loss.
  • If the area of your jaw bone has been destroyed due to any dental infections or tumours
  • Dental trauma

Bone grafting is thus necessary in these cases and can sufficiently strengthen the jawbone in many people.

How does Bone Graft work?
If your dentist determines that a bone grafting dental implant is right for you, the first step is to obtain the graft tissue. This procedure involves the harvesting of a small piece of bone from another area of your own body such as hip or chin and grafting it into the jaw. Doing this process can strengthen your jaw and lending support to the dental implants. And also, an alternative source of tissue can be acquired from donors, animals usually a cow or synthetic materials occasionally.

After care tips
If you have recently undergone cheap dental bone graft in Sydney, the recovery process is extremely important. The Dental Implant Cost recommends you to do the following to help you recover properly…

Bleeding is very common to experience after bone grafting. The pain and the blood-tinged saliva should only last about 12-24 hours, however the first 24-48 after dental implant or any other dental treatment is quite difficult manage. Yet, you need more rest. If the bleeding persists more than 24 hours, contact your nearby dentist immediately.

Swelling is also common after dental treatment and you can expect it in your mouth, cheeks, and sometimes in eyes. The best thing you can do is, place an ice cube outside the surgical area for 20-30 minutes at a time. Simply keep the area cool for a half hour and then give a break for the next half an hour. Repeat this process throughout the day.

Thus the implants need enough bone to grab the support of your prosthetic teeth. And the process is also simple and easy to manage, if you continue good oral health.