The Recovery Period after Tooth Implant Surgery

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If you have been considering getting teeth implants in Sydney, you may be concerned about the recovery time taken. In case you are also wondering about the kind of pain and discomfort you might experience after such a procedure; it would be wise to acquaint yourself with details about the recovery period.

Experiencing Initial Pain and Discomfort

Right after the completion of the surgery, there will not be a lot of pain; however, the area of the implant and the gums could be swollen for a while. In some cases parts of the patient’s face are inflamed as well. You should know that it is normal to experience a light bleed or even soreness at the implant.

Most doctors go ahead and prescribe pain management pills to ensure that you face minimal discomfort on your road to recovery.

The Post Surgery Period

The complete recovery process from surgical procedures can span as long as six months. Also, finding a decent fit and placing a crown goes up to a couple of months; however, each individual has a specific response time based on his or her case. There will be routine appointments to the dentist as follow up to ensure that there are no complications with your new teeth.
Needless to say, patients have to execute a thorough oral hygiene routine to ensure that their teeth and gums do not face any problems owing to the implant. When they are maintained well, such tooth implants can last an individual for over 40 years.