The changing trends in dental implants


Dental implants are set for an explosive growth as surgical and restorative surgeries are becoming more popular. The potential of this industry is huge with 69% of American adults losing at least one of their permanent tooth between 35 and 44 years of age. The causes are many including gum disease, accidents, failed root canal treatment, tooth decay and more. Also, according to the American Association of Oral Health and Maxillofacial Surgeons, 26% adults above 74 years of age permanently lose all their teeth.

The future for the industry looks bright, more so with the upgraded technology and infrastructure that modern clinics provide. There has been vast increase in patients opting for dental implants as opposed to the adoption a decade ago. The reasons include:

Improved implant quality

Modern implants are designer to last longer and are also easier to replace that the products we were using a decade ago. Both generalists and specialists are recognizing implants to be the best choice over auxiliaries.

Higher success rates

In the last decade, the success rate with dental tooth implants in Sydney has risen by an astounding 95%, over traditional procedures like root canal treatment and the use of removable dentures, bridges and crowns. This automatically has to dental implants becoming a more popular treatment, both with professionals and patients.

Decreased contraindications

After the 1980s, the quality of implants and the procedures have improved several folds. Better quality of designs, more use of past data and updated bone grafting procedures has led to a narrowed chance for contraindications.

Better suited for edentulous patients

Replacing full dentures with dental implants benefits in a number of ways – The first step is however to understand that implants aren’t a luxury cosmetic surgery but a standard care. It is also important to know that no other alternative treatment provides as natural a feel and fit as does implants. Chewing and smiling are everyone’s basic needs and is best achieved with implants than other forms of dentures.

Faster completion time

During the 1980s, it would have taken around six to nine months to complete a short term denture procedure. This has been a factor against the acceptance of patients. However, recent advancements in technology and a better understanding out tooth biology have helped reduce this time significantly.

Easier insurance
Given the success rate and the growing popularity of implants, insurance companies have started favoring and covering the treatment. This has also helped change the attitude.

Better marketing

The online marketplace has helped a lot in promoting the advantages of dental implants and taking it to the demographics that might not be fully aware of it. This has certainly been an important factor in increasing the adoption.

In the next 10 years, there will be huge growth in the adoption of teeth implants in Sydney and across the globe. After all, who doesn’t want a natural smile!