Stop Lighting up Your Cigarette to Ensure that Your Dental Implants Lasts Long


As we all know, tooth implant in Sydney have a success rate of 98% but people who smoke are at greater risk of infection following surgery and may heal more slowly. This is revealed by a study which found that implant failure rate for smokers was 15.8%, compared to just 1.4 % in non-smokers.

Ill Effects of Smoking after Getting Implants
Generally, smoking causes harmful effect on the overall health of your gums and teeth. It has been also found that smoking increases the chances of detectable gum disease by up to 300% and also produces a more serious case of periodontitis in smokers.

Implant Failure
The rate of implant failure is high because smoking decreases the ability of an implant to properly bond within the jawbone. Dental implants usually take months to fuse with the jawbone while bone, gum tissue, and muscle heal around it. But smoking forces the soft and hard tissues to become inflamed and unable to properly regenerate resulting in peri-implantitis which is the primary cause for implant failure.

Oral Infection
Smoking reduces the effectiveness of any antibiotics you may be prescribed after surgery and significantly increases the risk of infection.

Slow Recovery Rate
Smoking reduces the ability to regenerate new tissue and heal from wounds, while limiting blood flow, metabolic activity, and respiration.
Here are a few guidelines to increase your chances of success rate.

  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Maintain your oral hygiene
  • Avoid sticky or hard foods

Even though these solutions can increase the success rate of teeth implants in Sydney, getting proper consultation from a knowledgeable and experienced dentist can improve the overall success rate.