Right Questions to Ask Your Dentist before Getting Dental Implants

Dental implant

1. Am I a good candidate for dental implant treatment?
Dental implants treatment requires adequate bone tissue to support the osseointegration process in which your jaw forms a bond with the implant. Your oral surgeon can advise you if your case meets the criteria for undergoing low cost tooth implant treatment in Sydney.

2. How many implants does your dentist place a year?
You ought to be assured that the dentist who places your dental implants is knowledgeable and have experience in handling the common dental implant procedures, as well as the most complex dental implant procedures. There is a difference between the dentists who places 15 implants a year vs. one who places hundreds a year.

3. Does your dental implant specialist have the latest technology to treat your condition?
Advanced technologies and the latest science not only offer faster diagnosis and treatment but also ensure a more effective course of dental implant treatment.

4. What type of material are your dental implants made from?
Some dental offices use less researched and unproven dental implants for their patients. But, these low quality implants can develop more problems in the long term while offering short term savings for the patients. In the future, there can be difficulties in sourcing parts, if there are problems with the implant used. They may use weaker alloys and won’t be strong enough to withstand for many years.

5. What kind of guarantee is offered?
Many overseas dental clinics offer limited period guarantees by knowing that you are far away that you will pay to get a problem fixed locally. Check whether your dental clinic offers a guarantee of at least 3 years, since most problems will occur in the early years.

6. Does the cost you are quoting me cover both the implant and the crown?
As a patient, you want to know the total cost of dental implants in Sydney. This means you should know the cost of surgery and the cost of the restorative portion. These are typically separate fees and it can confuse you, particularly if the surgery is done by a specialist in a separate dental office. So it is must to ask your dentist whether the quote given by them is the total cost of dental implants treatment in Sydney.

7. How long should I wait to put in my teeth after placing the implants?
In many dental implant cases, patients can undergo surgery and receive a new set of teeth on the same day. In case, if you require bone grafting surgery beforehand due to deteriorated jawbone health, advanced bone loss, poor quality or density bone, then you may need to return to have your fixed bridge attached after complete healing or implant ‘integration’.

8. Does Smoking Affect Dental Implants?
When comparing dental implants in smokers, they are four times as likely to fail to the implants in non-smokers. Smoking leads to gum disease and recession, making the implant weaken over time. Usually, dentists recommend that patients with dental implants should avoid smoking and chewing tobacco.