Problems with Missing Teeth That You’re No Aware Of

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According to the Australian Dental Association, Australian adults have an average of 4.5 missing teeth and around 61% of people aged 75 or over have moderate or severe periodontitis, leading to tooth loss. A full set of teeth is crucial for biting and chewing food which helps to digest the food. However, some don’t care for their oral health and take it for granted until something goes wrong. Poor oral hygiene, eating habits, and irregular dental check-up can lead to tooth loss.

Missing teeth are not only unsightly but also causes various dental problems. That’s why it’s advisable to replacing missing teeth with dental implants in Sydney. But, many don’t think about replace missing teeth, especially if it’s not visible.  If you’re one among those with missing teeth, keep reading; let’s explore the problems with missing teeth that you’re not aware of and what you can do about it.


Periodontitis is a severe form of gum infection, also called gum disease. It’s one of the significant causes of missing teeth if not treated at the early stages. You’re susceptible to gum disease if you’ve lost one or more teeth. Yes, the risk of developing gum disease is higher if the tooth remains intact. Gum disease can be inconvenient and painful and can spread and impact other healthy teeth. Moreover, severe gum disease has been linked to serious oral and overall health issues. So, it’s a good idea to replace your missing teeth with cheap dental implants Sydney over other options as they are long-lasting, have a higher success rate, and are a permanent solution.

Bone Loss

Missing teeth can result in bone deterioration. Tooth roots stimulate the bone when chewing and biting foods, and lack of stimulation can lead to bone loss over time. Severe bone loss can worsen and lead to other dental problems. Bone deterioration can be prevented with dental implants in Sydney as they are the only tooth replacement option that replaces both the root and crown parts of the missing teeth.

Teeth Shifting

Missing teeth can make the other teeth shift from their place. When there’re gaps between teeth, there’s no support for the teeth and it’s pushed to the empty space over time. The existing teeth can move closer to other teeth, causing crowding or teeth can spread apart, creating more gaps between the teeth. This, in turn, makes flossing and brushing teeth. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a range of dental problems.

Decreased Quality Of Life

How do missing teeth impact your quality of life? When you lose one or more teeth, consuming a well-balanced diet can be challenging. You can’t chew hard foods, restricting most foods rich in nutrients and vitamins. A poor diet can affect health, compromise the immune system, affecting the quality of your life. In addition, missing teeth can lower your self-esteem as you’ll be embarrassed about your smile. This can affect your social life. Overall, the loss of a tooth can significantly reduce the quality of your life.

As you see, many problems can occur when you lose a tooth. If you’re missing one or more teeth, please speak to your dentist and know your options. We recommend dental implants for most patients as their permanent teeth replacement option. Please speak to our team or your dentist for more details on dental implants cost Sydney. We can help you find the right teeth replacement option and afford it as we offer flexible payment options.