Oral Care and Food Consumption after a Tooth Implant Surgery

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Quite contrary to what people believe, the tooth implants are not only about the surgery. It is after getting teeth implants in Sydney that patients have to be extra careful about their eating habits and oral care routine. Read on to know more about the kind of post-surgery caution that is advised.

Food Consumption Post Surgery

In the initial days after the surgery patients can expect to consume foods that do not require a lot of chewing. Once more than a week as gone by and the stitches (if any) have been detached by your dentist soft foods can be consumed. Many dentists prefer to use dissolvable stitches so that they don’t need to be undone.

Oral Hygiene Routine to be Maintained

In the event that temporary restorations have been used in your case along with the tooth implant, it would be wise to be extra careful with a hygiene routine. Importance of cleaning is paramount as patients must maintain the implants just as well as their natural pearly whites.

Effects of Negligence

If a patient who has recently had implants does not floss or brush enough, there could be implant failure. What is more is that there can be various kinds of infections that cause the teeth in the area around the implant site to decay. Another habit that needs to be avoided post-surgery is smoking for it raises the chances of prosthetic failure a great deal.

Only a stringent oral care routine will ensure the greatest recovery making sure that the implants remain fused appropriately.