Important Facts About Dental Implants


It is not uncommon to see people with missing teeth. Teeth loss can be caused by decay, injury or disease. Whatever the cause, it is still possible to replace missing teeth. Dentures and bridges are some of the common options but they are not as efficient as implants. Dental implants cost Melbourne may be higher than the other two options, but they are almost like having real teeth and they are a permanent fix.

Dental implants are artificial roots fixed into the bone before the artificial teeth are fixed into the space created by the missing teeth. Usually, they will match the rest of the teeth in the mouth.

Benefits of Getting Implants

If you have missing teeth, it is advisable to get implants and here’s why:

–  It will be a lot easier for you to eat since space will have been filled and the implants are as good as real teeth
–  Implants are more comfortable than all the other options and they do not have to be removed
–  Teeth affect the way we talk so missing teeth would make it hard to pronounce some words, implants would make you speak clearly
–  If you take good care of them, implants can last a lifetime, which makes them worth the investment
–  You can reclaim your smile by covering up the gap in your teeth that always made you self conscious

Success Rate

Many people worry that the procedure may fail. However, if the procedure is done by an experienced professional, even if it is cheap dental implants Melbourne dentistry, the procedure should be successful. The success rate of implants is 98 percent, which is quite promising.

Are There any Restrictions on Implants?

Ordinarily, any healthy person can have the procedure done. You just need to have healthy gums and enough bone mass to have the implants fitted. However, some people may need more tests to verify if it is safe to have the procedure done. People who are smokers, those with heart problems, diabetes and people who have undergone cancer treatment for the head are among those who may need tests done.

The Procedure

The first step is an assessment of your teeth and the area where the implants will be fixed. Dental implants Melbourne team will assess the individual needs of the patient.

Once it is established what you need, they will proceed to fix the implant. It is driven into the jaw bone and then given time to heal. As it heals, the bone will grow over the implant to make it firm. This may take up to 12 weeks at most.

The dental expert will then have a crown or tooth molded to fit exactly in that space. The tooth is also made to look like the rest around it and made the right size. This tooth is then fixed onto the implant.

What to Expect?

Some people may be scared of pain, but there is hardly any pain as the procedure is carried out. Slight discomfort may be felt though. After the procedure, you will be advised how to care for the implant and instructed to follow strict dental hygiene.

You may want to find out from your insurance company if they cover dental implants cost Melbourne as some offer partial cover.