How you can find out your Eligibility for Tooth Implants

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Whether you have lost your teeth due to extensive decay, a botched root canal or severe Periodontitis; the prospect of availing affordable dental implants in Sydney can be tempting. Find out if you qualify for such implants so you can make an appointment with an oral hygienist to discuss your particular case.

Investigating the Reasons Behind the Tooth Loss

Other than the aforementioned conditions, even extreme wear and tear or faults at birth cause loss of teeth that need to be replaced. It would be wise to have a talk with your dentist and investigate the root cause so you know whether prosthetics are right for you.

Your dentist may even suggest doing a few tests and getting an x-ray or computer tomography scan to make sure that your jaw structure is ideal for the prosthetic replacements.

Opting for an Oral Exam

A close and thorough oral with your teeth and gums being checked can ascertain your eligibility for the procedure. The dentist will generally set out to appraise bone thickness and measure before suggesting prosthetic dentistry. However, many a time this procedure has been undertaken for cosmetic purposes, so rest assured knowing that you can indeed go in for cheap dental implants in Sydney.

Dental implants allow people with absent teeth to regain full use of their mouth with the replacements that offer them vigour and firmness. Additionally, the affordable nature of dental implants ensures that every person who faces the absence of teeth can contemplate getting the implants by exploring prosthetic dentistry.