How Safe is Dental Implants in Patients with Uncontrolled Diabetes?


According to a new study, “Dentists can safely place dental implants in patients with uncontrolled diabetes.” The study also reveals that there is no relation between elevated blood sugar and implant failure or implant complications. A deep study was conducted on 19 patients with uncontrolled diabetes and none of them showed any implant failure after 1 year.

Previously it was considered that dental implants in Melbourne on diabetic patients affect the collagen synthesis and hence have a higher risk of implant failure. But now, dental implant is made successful on diabetics and there is no feat of dental implant failure.

However, there are few problems that theoretically affect the implant survival because diabetes can alters bone formation, increases the risk for infections, compromises wound healing, and often entails comorbidities.

Even though there is an equal success rate for implants in group of patients with uncontrolled diabetics and non-diabetics, the healing time is different. A non-diabetic patient can achieve 100% stability in 7.3 months while the other with uncontrolled diabetic reaches 100% stability in 3.8 months.

But, this difference in healing time will not serve as a reason to deny implants at any cause to people who can benefit from them and will not affect the survival rate. With all these reasons, the ability to use implants is positive news for those with uncontrolled diabetes and allows diabetics to eat a healthier diet which could reduce their blood sugar levels in turn. So, if you are a diabetic pondering whether to get dental implant in Melbourne, don’t sit back and relax. Consult your dentist now to schedule the implant procedure.