How does Dental Implant work with existing natural Teeth?

Top Factors Influencing the Dental Implants Cost

Dental implants are lifesavers for people who lost their teeth accidentally at an early age or due to aging. Losing even one of your teeth can affect you so severely. It stops you from taking your favourite food, smiling in public, and more than anything, it affects self-confidence. And losing the tooth at a young age is even worse. If you are suffering from any of these problems, dental implants Melbourne could be the best solution.

People often choose to have implants compared to dentures due to a whole lot of advantages it offers. But how well will the implants go with your remaining natural teeth is a common question that most of us have? Now let us discuss this in detail.

Placing Dental Implants together with the Natural Teeth:

The major advantage of investing in affordable dental implants cost Melbourne is that they can fit around other existing teeth. This means you don’t have to have any of your teeth removed just to get your implant placed.

The Procedure:

During the implant placement, an artificial tooth root will be fixed to the jawbone, which will hold tight the false tooth. This, however, means that the implant doesn’t need the support of existing teeth like the bridges. This makes dental implants the more hygienic option for replacing a tooth.

The implant looks and functions just like the regular teeth. Besides it adds structural support to the surrounding teeth, in addition to taking some chewing exertion, so the natural teeth no longer overwork.

Does Dental Implant affect other Natural Teeth?

Not at all! The implants are designed to fit perfectly in the space left by the missing tooth between the natural teeth. You can retain as many as natural teeth you have along with the implants. The implant will sit securely in the gaps filling it, giving a natural-looking and functioning tooth.

Can Dental Implants be shade matched with the existing Teeth?

Yes! Dental implants fixed to the jawbone stands as a post to hold the crown. The crown is custom-designed with the impressions of the existing teeth. By investing in affordable dental implants cost Melbourne, you simply get not just a tooth but also the one that matches with the natural teeth in shape, colour and position. Even people whom you meet regularly can’t tell that you have a dental implant unless you disclose.

Caring for your Implants and Natural Teeth:

After placing the implant, your dentist would give detailed instructions on how to care for the implants during the healing process.

However, after the recovery phase, you can care for the implant the same way as you care for your natural teeth. Say, brushing and flossing twice a day and cleaning your mouth thoroughly after every meal. This probably cuts out any extra hassle with implants making life easier. Your dentist will also suggest regular check-up to ensure the implants are healthy as they should be.

Investing in cheap dental implants Melbourne can make a real difference in anyone’s life by improving their ability their quality of life.