Experiencing the Adjustment Process for Dental Implants

dental implants

Upon getting dental implants in Sydney people often take time to get accustomed to their prosthetics. In this period they often accidentally bite their tongue, experience bleeding gums and even soreness. Read on to know more about the adjustment procedure and what you should expect in the initial days with the new implants.

1. Ample Saliva Generation

You may find that in this period, you may be producing more saliva than you normally do. This mainly happens when there is inflammation in the gums or some parts of the mouth. In the event that the inflammation exerts force on the salivary glands you may experience excessive salivation.

However, these glands are located in your cheeks and you will find that the inflammation soon subsides after the initial weeks, letting your saliva production return to normal.

2. The Feeling of Excessive Soreness

The site of the implants will be tender post-surgery leading to soreness of the gums and jaw. This may last a few days or even weeks; however, it does wane in time. Pain management pills can cater to your discomfort as your implants fuse.

3. Accidental Tongue or Inner Cheek Biting

Chewing with the new teeth ay feel alien at first, as you will not be accustomed to them. This will cause you several accidental tongue and cheek bites. However, this habit will subside as soon as you get used to your new teeth.

Now that you know what you can expect in the period of adjustment, you can rest easy as you benefit from your new implants.