Dentures vs. Dental Implants – A Perspective on the Differences

dental implants in Sydney

Many people are embracing the benefits of dental implants and opting for this procedure instead of the traditional dentures. However, this process is comparatively costlier and therefore, people are often confused whether it is worth their hard earned money. We bring you some common differences between the two so that you can determine the right option for yourself.


Dentures are artificial replacements that are fit in the lower and upper gums. They are cheaper and can be a satisfactory solution if you are on a limited budget. Dental implants cost higher but they last a lifetime and deliver better results in the long term unlike dentures which need to be constantly replaced every few years.


Dentures hardly feel like natural teeth. They can become loose and shaky and over time, the fit of dentures is compromised, leading to oral health problems. On the contrary, dental implants in Sydney cause very less discomfort. Once they are healed after the surgery, they act like your natural teeth.

Procedure Time

Dentures take about 5 appointments to get the fit right as per the aesthetic requirements of the patient. After fitting, you might need to visit the doctor once for a follow-up within a week. Dental implants on the other hand are a longer procedure as it involves creating the bone graft, inserting the titanium implant and creating the prosthetic. It is usually done in a few stages so it will take a bit longer to complete this treatment.

High quality implants last a lifetime and therefore, they are highly preferred amongst many patients in Sydney. They also make your face look younger and keep your smile glowing naturally!