Dental Implants in Sydney – A Quick Fix for Dental Problems Other than Poor Oral Hygiene & Periodontal Disease


With people living much longer lives than our ancestors, men and women of this age are looking for dental options that can keep their teeth much longer than in previous generations. As more people march towards healthy diets, lifestyles and strong oral hygiene care, today people are hanging on to their natural teeth longer than ever before. Unfortunately, tooth loss and gum diseases are still a part of life for millions of Australians. But, apart from gum diseases, tooth loss can be caused by trauma and many other reasons. As a result of this, people begin to worry about the cosmetic effects, the ability to eat and enjoy meals, and even to speak clearly. The story doesn’t end here! If the missing tooth is not replaced, it leads to deterioration of jaw bone and causes numerous oral and general health problems as well.

Here we have listed the top 4 tooth problems other than tooth decay, that dental implants in Sydney can give a quick fix.

Sports Injuries

Did you know 39 percent of all avulsed teeth are knocked out because of different sports injuries? Carrying out a few spot solutions help you to fix the dental implant problem but in some cases, on the spot solutions just aren’t enough. In such situations, dentists recommend dental implants to reinforce and replace any missing teeth that arise from a sports injury.

Tobacco Usage

Tobaccos usage or smoking can lead to increased plaque accumulation, higher incidence of gingivitis and periodontitis, higher rate of tooth loss, and increased resorption of the alveolar ridge have been found in the oral cavity. Even if you have quit smoking two months ago or you’ve remained as a non-smoker for years, the ill-effect of tobacco on your teeth is permanent. By replacing these stained and infected teeth with dental implants helps you to enjoy a healthier and whiter smile once again.

Automobile Accident

If you have lost your teeth in a car wreck, teeth implants in Sydney can restore the teeth you have lost. Gritting your teeth or bumping against a hard surface during an accidental impact can damage or chip your teeth.

Chipped Teeth

Biting down too hard on hard candy, nuts and other hard foods can cause chipped teeth. The top nine foods that damage your teeth are hard candies, ice, citrus, coffee, dried fruit, potato chips, soda, alcohol, and sports drinks. If the crack in your tooth extends below the gum line, then your teeth is no longer treatable, and the tooth won’t be able to be saved. In those hard times, tooth implant in Sydney take the place of your missing teeth and act as your tooth’s new root and are placed securely in your jawbone for a lasting fit.

With all these benefits of dental implants in hand, don’t worry over your chipped, damaged or missed teeth. Dental implants help you to discover a new smile that you can be proud of!