Dental Implant 101; Part and Pieces


If you’ve lost one or more of your permanent teeth, the new standard of care is permanent replacement with dental implants. Tooth implants are high tech teeth. The root of your current tooth is removed and replaced with a titanium implant screw. A crown (a cap that looks and function like real teeth) is then attached to the screw that looks and feels identical to a natural tooth. All you have to get the cheapest dental implants in Sydney is contact the right dentist and book an appointment.

Types of Materials


The abutment is screwed into the implant itself, usually after the implant has integrated into the bone. The abutment can be made out of metal, Zirconium-oxide, or a combination of the two.

Crown, Or Cap

The crown or cap will be fixing over the implant to look and function likes real teeth. The tooth-colour zirconium-oxide or a zirconium-oxide overlaid on a titanium base is used.

Implant Parts and Pieces

Dental implants are a mainstream part of patient care for replacing missing teeth and/or retaining other prosthetics.

The basic parts and pieces of dental implants are,

Torque Wrench:

Usually has an attachment to allow the screwdriver to fit into it, which allows tightening or torquing abutments, implants, and more to company-specific specs. Also, it can be used to remove tight screws.

Manual Screwdriver:

It is used to place and finger-tighten abutment screws, healing screws, healing cuffs.

Implant Replica/Abutment Replica:

This is what is used by the lab to develop a “working” model.

Abutment Screw:

This is what helps keep the restorative abutment attached to the implant fixture; most overdenture attachments have the screw attached/is one piece.

Restorative Abutment:

There are temporary abutments. They are,

  • Prefabricated abutments (straight, angled)
  • Custom abutments (zirconia, titanium, various other metals; milled, cast types)
  • Abutments to use for overdenture attachments (Ball attachments, ERA type, Locators, and more.)

Impression Coping: 

This is used after removing the healing cuff/abutment to take a tissue-level impression. There are open-tray and closed-tray types and various sizes and options depending on the clinical situation.

Healing Abutment/Cuff:

Placed in a single-stage surgery or used after the implant is uncovered. Often times, this is what is sticking through the gum/gingival tissue. It can be color-coded for size and may be labelled for identification.

Healing/Cover Screw:

This is placed in a two-stage surgery; it covers the opening of the implant and is covered by the gingival tissue/mucosa and fits within the dental implant.

Dental Implant or Fixture:

The part that is placed subgingivally into the bone (there are some of the older ones that do not, but are not used very often today). There are some that are one-piece, meaning that the implant fixture and abutment are one piece. To get affordable dental implants, choose the right dentist.

Final Recap

If you’re missing a tooth or two, considering tooth implants, the best teeth replacement option. Not only your dental implant last a lifetime, but also function look and function like real teeth. This is the reason why dental implants are one of the fastest-growing segments in patient care today.