Cost Concerns Associated With Dental Implants

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The procedure of dental implants is gaining immense popularity in Australia due its usability, stability and longevity. It is considered as an option that is closest to natural teeth if you end up losing one of more of your original teeth. Since it is a costly process as compared to dentures or other dental procedures, patients are often worried about the costs.

Standard Rates of Implants

The implant fees are not similar for all patients. Depending on the condition of the patient and the requirement, dentists usually suggest the best course of action and give a rough estimate. The different classes in implants include root form implants, sub-periosteal and plate form implants. The fees depends on the amount of work required, type of implant, location of the clinic, doctor’s experience, extra bone fixing (if required), and hospital surroundings.

Affordable Dental Implants Sydney

On an average, an implant surgery will cost you around $ 1500 while a full dental implant costs about $ 2850. You can also get affordable implants depending on the nature of your implant. There is also a mini tooth implanting procedure that will cost you lesser than the full amount.


Look for the right insurance that covers at least a fraction of the dental implant cost so that overall, you can avail cheap dental implants Sydney. Many companies do not consider dental surgeries in their policies so ensure that you verify the dental surgery coverage with the corporation before proceeding with the surgery.

Remember that this is an investment for your oral health that will last a lifetime and thus, a little extra cost should not refrain you from choosing the right path.