Complications with Dental Implants – Aware and Beware!


We all know that as with any medical procedures there is no 100% promise of success. Unforeseen circumstances can cause a treatment to go wrong and sometimes sheer bad luck can cause the treatment to go awry.

So, what can we do to stay away from complications? This article will clear show you the complications with dental implants.

There are some things such as smoking, which can seriously increase the chance of dental implant failure and so it is imperative that you note down exactly what your dentist tells you and faithfully follow the advice.

The most common reason that dental implants go wrong is dental implant failure and rejection of dental implant. This means that the pivotal process of Osseointegration has not occurred properly. Do you know what does Osseointegration? It is the process which allows your jawbone and your implant to grow and bind together with the gums. If this process doesn’t occur, it can lead to the loss of the implant, gum bleeding, tenderness and infection.

There are number of reasons why dental implant failure might happen and these include:

InfectionIf infection occurs at the site of your dental implant, it is possible that the Osseointegration or the binding process will not occur. This infection might be caused by an unskilled dentist, poor oral hygiene or even just the presence of certain bacteria already in your jawbone. If you believe you are suffering from an infection you should contact your dentist or doctor immediately.

Smoking It’s the most common cause of dental implant failure. Almost 8 out of 10 dental implant patients suffer from dental implant failure due to smoking. Do you know why? Because smoking reduce blood flow and slows down bone healing it can mean that your implant is rejected. Your tooth implant specialist in Sydney will be able to give you advice about stopping smoking.

Gritting and Grinding Your TeethThe habit of grinding the teeth is known as bruxism. Grinding or gritting your teeth causes strain on your unhealed dental implant and can result in dental implant failure.

Mistaken Positioning: If you hire an amateur dental implant specialist to perform dental implant treatment, our dentist may make a poor judgment about the placement of your dental implants, i.e. placing dental implant in the wrong position. This kind of mistaken positioning can lead to fracturing of your dental implants and/or their failure.

There are the few factors that greatly affect the success ration of dental implants. To increase the success ratio of dental implant, you need to choose a certified and experienced tooth implant specialist in Sydney! Please do not hesitate to ask if you have questions!