Choose Certified Tooth Implant Specialist and Stay Away From Risks!


Dental implants are one of the most revolutionary reconstructive dentistry procedures of all time, providing stability and security to patients who may have thought that full functionality and confidence in their smiles was unattainable.

Unfortunately, dental implant carries some risks, but there is a solution. Fortunately, you can stay away from those risks by choosing certified teeth implant specialist in Sydney. Below mentioned are the few risks associated with dental implants.

What Are the Risks?


The titanium posts affixed to the jaw in dental implant surgery can cause infection if the surgery is not done in a clean facility with disinfected tools, or if the wound is not properly cared for after the surgery. By choosing the well-equipped and hygienic dental clinic, you can stay away from infections.

Nerve Damage:

If a nerve is temporarily or permanently damaged during dental implant, it may cause tingling, numbness, or pain. An affected nerve can cause pain in the mouth, jaw, or other parts of the face.

Sinus issues:

This type of risk is very rare. The titanium post can poke through the jaw or gum tissue into the sinus cavity, which can affect the sinus system’s proper function and may lead to infection. The titanium post will need to be completely reset in this case.

Other Damage:

If surrounding tissue or bone is affected during surgery, damage can occur to blood vessels, gum tissue, and surrounding teeth and/or the jaw. This damage may cause pain or soreness and will need to be corrected to ensure the dental implant heals properly.

The above mentioned risks are very rare and more than 90% dental implants affix perfectly the first time. By fixing your appointment with certified teeth implant specialist in Sydney, you can be rest assured that all these risks will be at the bay.