All You Need to Know About Dental Implants


Most people, when it comes to their teeth, do not look only at the cost of dental procedures, but at the quality of material used and the expected natural look of tooth replacement. The favourite and popular cheap dental implants Melbourne are usually attached to your jawbone, for genuinely looking teeth.

The science moves forward applying new techniques and materials exploited in the dental implants Melbourne, and here you shall find all the facts about their features,  requirements, and conditions under which they may be adopted for teeth replacement.

The Dental Implants

Under specific circumstances, it is not possible to proceed with the dental surgery, involving drilling in your jawbone. Some patients may not be able to accept the dental implants, because of mouth bacteria or not having enough jawbone the tooth replacement would be attached to. Or more than one implant needs to be received and the whole dental surgery would be quite costly. So it is always important to first know about the dental implants cost Melbourne.

The Features

The regular dental implants as well as the mini ones are made of titanium and are manufactured to serve in the same way as human teeth. Both of these teeth replacements are fused with your jawbone. The basic difference between them includes the shape, size, procedure needed to insert them and of course, the price.

The Structure, Diameter, and the Procedure

The most recognizable difference is to be found in the shape and size, the structure and diameter of the implant.

The regular dental implant is bigger in size, the diameter is usually up to 5 mm, and consists of two parts — the post and abutment. During the dental surgery, the post is inserted into your jawbone and the abutment connects the crown and the implant. There is drilling in your jawbone and cutting open of your gum tissue involved. Some stitches might be needed at the end of the procedure to secure the implant. You could suffer from some minor swelling and feeling pain for up to 3 days after the procedure is done.

On the other hand, the mini dental implants are smaller in diameter usually, 3 mm or less, and are made in one piece. One end is manufactured as a screw and is directly inserted to your gum tissue. This dental surgery is much more affordable and simpler. No need to drill or cut open your gums. Less time of spending in the dentist’s chair and less pain to feel after the surgery.

The Cost

Just from the time needed for each dental procedure, you can easily understand that there might be quite a big difference in the total costs. Attaching one piece of implant, smaller in size, not requiring drilling is much less expensive than regular dental surgery. So you can always check and compare dental implants cost Melbourne.

The Lifespan

Taking care of the dental implants, whether small or regular is of utmost importance. The mini dental implants are just a few years in the market, and many dentists claim the regular, traditional and bigger in diameter dental implants to last longer.