3 Ways of Replacing Missing Tooth

dental implants

Replacing a missing tooth is an important decision. You must consider all your options before taking a decision. There are three options for replacing a tooth.

Flippers are temporary teeth. They are detachable dentures which are attached in place of missing tooth. They save further tooth loss by protecting gums. Generally, flippers are used as temporary fix before getting permanent dental implants in Sydney. The false teeth used in flippers are made using plastic which is supported by acrylic resin.

Dental Bridges cover the gap caused by missing tooth using a metal bridge. False teeth are placed on the metal plate which fixes on teeth on either side of the gap. Bridges are made using porcelain, gold and a mix of both. Gold bridges are strongest.

Dental Implants
Dental implant is a permanent solution for missing tooth. In this procedure a permanent false tooth is placed in the missing tooth gap. Unlike bridges and flippers, the new tooth stands independently of other teeth. The tooth is fixed in the gum using a screw. Dental implants provide the freedom of chewing everything you like. They look alike natural teeth and are equally strong.

You might lose a tooth through tooth decay, gum diseases, failed root canal or an accident. It is important to take the right decision to avoid further problems. Every patient is different therefore you must consult your dentist and family doctor before deciding on the route of replacing tooth.