3 Reasons for Choosing Dental Implants Melbourne over Bridges

Dental implants in Melbourne

When you get a tooth replacement you want it to blend in the way the original did. That is possible with the help of dental implants in Melbourne. You can talk, eat and look exactly the same. There are various benefits of getting dental implants over bridges and flippers. Here are top 3 benefits which will help you in making the right choice.

Flippers are temporary removable dentures which makes them unsuitable for long term. Bridges are permanent but fragile. Dental implants are permanent and screwed to gums which make them independent and strong. You can feel just like natural teeth with dental implants. You can chew, bite and talk just like natural teeth with implants. This is not the case with flippers and bridges.

Flippers look close to natural teeth but their temporary use breaks the illusion whenever you have to eat. Bridges do not look natural because of carving in the side teeth and long metal lines. Dental implants in Melbourne look stunning matching other teeth. It is difficult for someone to differentiate between original teeth and implants.

Flippers are a temporary fix for missing tooth. They are not suitable for long term use. Bridges and Implants are permanent. Bridges come with the risk of losing 3 teeth in case of excessive weakening caused by bridge. Implants are long term without much risk
Ideally, dental implants are most suitable for replacing missing tooth. You must still consult dentist before finalising your decision.