3 Questions to Ask Dentist before Dental Implants Thailand

dental implants

Implantation surgery is safe and mostly successful with the help of right dentist. However, you should discuss some key points with the dentist before getting dental implants in Thailand.

How Many Dental Implant Surgeries Have You Performed?

Dental implants surgery started in 1960s. Therefore, finding an experienced dentist is difficult but you must ensure to your teeth to a trained professional only. Find a dentist who has a formal training in placing implants along with experience. There are experienced dentists who have attended dental implants seminars and have performed the surgery successfully. As a patient you must know about dentists training, number of surgeries performed and overall experience.

What Is The Success Rate Of Dental Implants?

Dental implants have a success rate of 98 percent but it varies with dentist. You must press for the number of successes your dentist has in case of 5 or 10 surgeries performed. Dentist who do not have access to latest technology often fail dental implant surgery.

Discuss Anaesthesia to Be Used During the Surgery

You can have conscious sedative for implantation surgery. Normally, general anaesthesia is given to patients. Conscious sedatives like IV sedative and oral sedatives are safer for you with lesser side effects.
You should assign implantation surgery to a dentist only after you are truly satisfied with dentist’s experience and training. You can also perform a ground check by confirming the success of surgery from previous patients of the surgeon. Dental implants in Thailand are the best permanent solution for a missing tooth.