What Type of Floss Should Work for Your Dental Implants?


Many people have undergone teeth implants in Sydney to restore their missing teeth. Also known as dental implants, they are small inserts fitted into the jawbone, used to anchor artificial teeth. More than 90% of teeth implants nowadays are made of titanium. Also, most of them are shaped like tiny screws. After a patient undergoes the tooth implant surgery in Sydney, he or she is advised by the dentist how to take care of their new teeth. The way a patient takes care of his or her new teeth will make sure that the implants last for a long time. Most implantologists recommend that patients should floss regularly. It is necessary for the patient to floss around the implants and abutments.

What is Dental Floss?
The floss used for cleaning the teeth is usually made from nylon or cotton fibres. The fibres used in dental floss are very thin, are also linked to each other to form stretchable strings. These fibres are usually available in different flavours like strawberry, peppermint, cinnamon and so on. There are different types of floss for various conditions.

Dental Floss for Those with Dental Implants
The types of floss recommended for those who have undergone dental implants are:

  • Wax coated floss – This kind of floss can be much thicker than floss that is not coated with wax.
  • Unwaxed floss – More affordable than wax coated floss, this type of floss can easily stick to the implants, and it usually breaks very easily.
  • Teflon-coated floss – This kind of floss slides more easily between prosthetic teeth and natural teeth.
  • Floss with fluoride – Fluoride protects the teeth’s enamel. Also, it prevents formation of acid in the mouth.
  • Chlorhexidine soaked floss – This type of floss prevent bacteria and germs from forming inside the mouth.

If you are wondering which type of dental floss works for your implants, it is better that you ask your dentist today.