What Is Dental Implant? Why Is It So Popular?

Key Benefits of Dental Implants for Seniors

Dental implant is an alternative for missing tooth. If you are missing one or more teeth, you can opt for affordable dental implants in Sydney. The implant is made of titanium and other materials that combine and mimic the root of a tooth with your jawbone. This artificial root helps the dentist to protect your replacement teeth so that they remain healthy and mix with your surrounding teeth. It takes multiple appointments to have dental implants, including a consultation, an appointment to insert the implant, and another to connect the new teeth.

If their jaw growth and development is complete, growing children may not be able to have a dental implants Sydney. Individuals with chronic disorders such as diabetes or leukaemia may not be good candidates for dental implants because those conditions may interfere with healing after surgery. If you smoke, your dentist may not suggest surgery because smoking can delay healing. To ensure that you’re a successful choice, speak with your dentist about your medical history and lifestyle habits.

Purpose Of A Dental Implant

One or more permanent teeth that have been lost to an injury, gum disease, tooth decay, or infection may be replaced by a dental implant. As you meet with the dentist at the initial appointment, they can also explore other options, including dentures and bridges, for replacing the teeth. They will discuss with you whether you have enough room and bone for the operation in the region of the missing tooth. You may have bone loss if your tooth has been missing for a while and may need a bone graft before you can continue with dental implant surgery. They also discuss about the dental implants cost in Sydney with you.

How To Be Prepared?

You’ll be seeing the dentist for an initial consultation before the operation. You will be given a thorough review by your dentist. They will take X-rays and discuss with you the options for establishing an implant operation plan and discuss about the dental implants cost in Sydney. They will arrange the operation appointment after you have formed a plan and they have confirmed that you are in good health. If IV sedation is prescribed for the operation by your dentist, you may need to arrange for someone to drive you home that day.

Drink And Food

You should eat a small meal a couple of hours before the operation if you have local anaesthesia. You will be told not to eat anything after midnight the night before the surgery to ensure that your stomach is empty if the operation is performed under IV sedation.


In order to avoid early implant failures, your dentist may prescribe antibiotics to take for a few days before surgery. You may also have to rinse with a special anti-bacterial mouthwash, such as chlorhexidine. Changes in Pre-Op Lifestyles .Because it can delay healing, smoking can reduce the effectiveness of dental implants. If you smoke, speak to your dentist about whether you should get dental implants.

What To Look Forward To During The Treatment

In different appointments that are normally several months apart the dental implant procedure occurs. Your mouth will be completely numbed with local anaesthesia in the first step, the surgical positioning of the implant, or you will be given Intravenous sedation so that you do not experience any pain or discomfort. An incision is made in your gums to insert the tooth root implant in the jawbone at the site of your missing tooth. Then it is left for osseointegration in which the implant fuses with your jawbone. It may take 5 to 6 months depending on your oral health. After this process, the crown is placed on the implant.