Patient Frequently Asked questions for Dental Implants


Do you want a smile that won’t make you feel embarrassed? Well, then dental implants are the ideal choice. The loss of a tooth can be emotionally devastating because it not only affects the ability to chew and speak but also significantly impacts the appearance.

There can be multiple causes for a tooth loss including progressed tooth decay, accident; inflammation of a tooth’s supporting tissue, the absence of the tooth’s germ, systemic disease, medicines, and treatment. But, no matter whatever the cause, dental implants can restore the function and bring back your sparkling smile.

Why should I replace a missing tooth?

The absence of teeth leads to several complications like a decrease in the chewing function, digestive problems, aesthetic damage and change in facial structure, speech difficulties, shifting in the level of the remaining teeth and bone loss due to non-stimulation.

When a missing tooth is replaced with dental implants in Sydney, it helps to remedy these complications by bringing a functional and aesthetic solution.

Why prefer dental implants over dentures?

When compared to dentures, dental implants have a high success rate. Moreover, dentures decrease the jawbone quality, and it looks like a fake tooth that affects the appearance.  The affordable dental implants in Sydney look and function like natural teeth.

As they are placed into the jawbone they act like a root of the replacement teeth. Implants form a strong foundation to hold the crown by naturally fusing with the jawbone.  Dentures are not a permanent solution, and they need to be changed every 10 years. Maintaining dental implants is easier than dentures because they should be removed and cleaned daily.

When should one resort to dental implants?

With Sydney dental implants you can replace a single tooth, several teeth, and also replace all teeth on a jaw that is completely toothless. In such case, the dental implants accommodate the securing of a bridge or to stabilise removable dentures.

What is the success factor of dental implants?

Even though dental implants are designed to last longer, the success of treatment depends on several factors like practicing good oral hygiene, follow-up ad regular dental check-ups, competence and expertise of the dentist or an oral surgeon, and overall health of a patient.

Is the dental implant procedure painful?

No! The dental implants are placed into the jawbone by administering anaesthesia, and it is completely painless. You will not experience any pain during the procedure. you may feel little discomfort after the procedure and it is manageable by following the post-operative care instructions given by your dentist or oral surgeon.

How much time does it take to heal?

Approximately it takes two or three weeks to heal completely. Once it is healed you will receive the crown, during this period, a temporary tooth will be placed for aesthetic reasons.

Dental implants in Sydney are an excellent solution when compared to other options, so don’t hesitate to get them.