Key Factors That Influence the Cost of Dental Implants


For years, dental implants have been regarded as effective ways to replace broken and missing teeth or to support crowns, bridges, and dentures. However, since dental implants are classified as a voluntary dental treatment, most of the dental insurances don’t cover dental implants price Sydney. Not to mention, patients are concerned about the cost when it comes to replacing a missing tooth with dental implants.

Of course, dental implants cost is higher than dentures and bridges but definitely not expensive as you imagine. First of all, you need to know that dental implants price Sydney varies from one patient to another as it is influenced by various factors. While the price of dental implants may be daunting, it is worth investing in as they are permanent and natural-looking replacement option for a missing tooth.

Here are the factors that affect dental implants price Sydney:-

Number of implants

The more implants you need, the more you have to pay. Some may need only one implant, while others may need two or three. If you want to replace a full arch, then traditional dental implants are not a suitable option. You’ll have to choose all-on-4 dental implants. Dental implants all on 4 cost differ from the traditional dental implants. Your dentist will be able to get you an exact estimation.

The material

People don’t know that there is a range of materials available to craft every part of the implant-supported replacement. Dental implants consist of three parts like the implant, abutment, and the replacement tooth, also called crown. Dental implant is made from titanium, as it is the metal commonly used in bone healing procedures. In addition to it, the abutments that attach the implants and replacement teeth are crafted from various materials. The cost and quality of materials you have chosen can influence the final cost of the procedure.

Sedation dentistry options

Usually, local anaesthesia is used to numb the surgical site and place the implants. Some patients might be too nervous about the procedure or may be suffering from dental phobia. For those who are anxious about the surgery, they could opt for dental sedation options like General anaesthesia, IV sedation, oral medication, and laughing gas. Sedation dentistry keeps the patients calm and comfortable throughout the procedure. This can add to the cost of your treatment, but in some cases, insurance will cover part of this cost.

Additional procedures

If need extraction or bone grafting procedure to increase the mass of your jawbone to hold the implant, the cost will be added to the final price of the procedure.

If you are worried about implants cost, you can speak to your dentist as many provide dental implants Sydney payment plan with less or no interest at all.