How Modern Dental Technologies Make Dental Implants Less-Invasive And Affordable?


Dental implants were introduced four decades ago and it has revolutionised the teeth restorative treatment. Although most of the concept remains the same, advancements in dental technologies and techniques have changed the way of placing the dental implants. It allows dentists to assess and prepare the implant site in advance with computer aided technology. Such technological advances include imaging enhancements, improvements in implant design and surgical innovations.

So, it is no wonder the dental technologies in implant industry make it possible to place the artificial tooth roots less invasive with minimal discomfort for the patients. In fact, the modern technologies help to reduce the dental implants price Sydney.  The latest dental implant coatings and nanostructure titanium is even stronger and heals quickly than implants using conventional coatings.

Let us take a look into different types of the implant and alternative dental implants techniques that can be achieved through modern implant dentistry.

Dental imaging

It is a digital imaging device that is like a size of an electronic toothbrush emits red laser light to scan the teeth. It quickly scans your teeth and gives you a detailed image on the screen. This eliminates the need to take harmful X-ray images that contains radiation. Thanks to the sensitivity of digital imaging device as it help to detect oral issues that can be easily missed by x-ray imaging. This helps to identify the quality of your jawbone and other factors that required planning for a dental implant surgery. These images appear instantly, and they can be integrated into patients’ electronic health records for future reference. Today’s intraoral digital cameras are smaller, more lightweight and easier to use than ever. However, it will be added to the dental implants price Sydney.

Screening equipment

This advanced screening equipment is popular and used to detect cavities and gum disease. If you have gum disease, chances are less likely you cannot receive the dental implants before treating it as it is one of the leading cause of dental implant failure.

Digital scanner

Over the years, designing dental implants and its other components for patients were tedious as it required creating moulds of the patient’s mouth using unpleasant putties. Today, it is easier to design an implant and customise it to match the patient’s teeth structure. Digital scanner just eliminates the need for taking moulds that make patients uncomfortable. In fact, this digital scanner has been taking the world of restorative procedure by storm, and it is easy to see why. In short, an accurate digital image of the scan can be produced and used for a variety of purposes.

Images from digital scans help dentists to plan treatments more effectively and efficiently. This means dental implants are more effectively designed and lower the dental implants all on 4 cost.

The dental implants Sydney payment plan make the implants affordable for all patients. Check whether your dentist provides payment plans.