Few Important Factors That Affect the Cost of Dental Implant


Missing one tooth or several teeth? Feeling shy or awkward to smile due to missing tooth? Fortunately, here is an effective and long lasting solution for you! Yes… It’s Dental Implant.

In the past, dental restorations such as dental bridges and dentures had to be secured to surrounding teeth which causes more dental problems in the later ages. But now with the advancements of dentistry, you can enjoy the look and functionality of the real teeth with dental implants.

In fact, dental implants offer so many benefits that many patients wish to undergo treatment. However, there is one factor that may be stopping them from undergoing dental implant surgery: COST.

In this article, we are going discuss about the few important factors that affect the cost of dental implants in Sydney.

Factor 1 – The Number of Dental Implants Placed

The number of dental implants to be done will seriously affect the cost. Multiple dental implants require more planning, surgical time, dental equipment, dental materials, and all of which will increase the price of the treatment.

Factor 2 – The Quality of the Restoration

The quality of the dental restoration has an impact on COST. High quality porcelain and zirconia can be used to fabricate beautiful and natural looking restorations that resemble natural tooth material in terms of colour, shading, and translucency.

Factor 3 – The Type of Restoration

A single dental crown will cost less than a bridge, and a bridge will cost less than full dentures. Typically, the higher the number of teeth being replaced, the higher the cost of the restoration.

Because of the many factors that play into the cost of dental implants, it is impossible to estimate the cost of dental implant without examining your mouth. Schedule your appointment with the certified dental implant specialist in Sydney and get natural looking smile without breaking your bank account!