Facts about Dental Implants You Need to Know

Dental Implants

Photos and videos of happy smiling faces pop up everywhere you look. But the aging process cannot be stopped. Though getting older does not mean to lose the perfect smile. This article brings you closer to information about dental implants cost in Melbourne.

All the Details Before the Big Decision Is Taken

If you decide to go for dental implants Melbourne your jaw bone must be strong and healthy. If you are missing a part of it, it should be replaced first by a procedure called bone grafting.

Be aware of damaged teeth too. They must be extracted before the procedure of dental implants will be approved.

It is strongly advised to stop smoking a few months before any dental surgery takes place. Not stopping it may cause the implant to be discarded by the body.

The Start of the Surgery

A local anaesthetic starts the whole procedure. It will make your implant site and the surrounded area perfectly numb. The local anaesthetic gives you the comfort of not feeling any pain, but being awake and feeling some pressure or some discomfort of vibrations only. In some clinics sedation may be offered, partial or conscious, which gives you the feeling of being groggy. This procedure usually costs more than the local anaesthetic.

The Site’s Preparation

As soon as the anaesthetic takes effect, the site for the implant will be cleaned and prepared.
The dentist will open your gums to gain access to the jawbone. Some drilling may be applied by the dentist, as the bone of your jaw must be smooth and flat. The dental implants cost in Melbourne must be considered though before you opt for them.

The Hole

A few drill tools will be used to open a hole for the dental implant. At first, a hole must be drilled. The area of the hole will be cleaned with water as the bone needs to stay cool. And longer drilling could overheat the area. The alignment and its pin will be checked to fit exactly to the site

More drilling is to be expected, as the surgeon needs to open the hole to the diameter of the implant.

Most of the times the implant size is the biggest one fitting into your jawbone. It is to allow your implants to distribute the load on a larger area. A screw tap helps to thread the hole for matching the thread exactly as on the chosen implant.

The Implant Placed and the Healing Time

The implant is placed by using a specific dental drill head. There might be some sensation of discomfort for a short time.

The site will be stitched up and the stitches will be taken out after 7 to 10 days. The fusion of the implant with the bone may take up to 6 months. Keep your mouth clean at all times. After the approval of healing, your permanent restoration will be placed.

The above procedure could be expensive. Look for cheap dental implants in Melbourne to get price estimated, but do not forget that quality matters in this case.