Factors that Influence the Cost of Dental Implants


Cost is often a deciding factor while considering a dental implant. There are many factors which contribute to the total cost of teeth implants in Sydney and here is a list of few factors that determine the implant cost.

Experience of the Dentist
A high trained and experienced oral surgeon usually charges the high few and offers a high quality dental care that is secondary to none. Meanwhile, a general dentist may charge a less fee for the procedure but the quality is secondary.

Type of the Implant

Dental implants come in a wide range of types depending on the brand, size, and style. Depending on the type of implant and quality you are receiving the cost may vary. Traditional implants consist of a post and abutment while the prosthetic is created by a dental lab and added after the implant site heals. Mini dental implants are smaller than traditional implants and don’t require any open surgery.

Prosthetic Types
The type of the prosthetic you need is the prime factor that decides the cost of your dental implant. The materials used to make the prosthetic and the reputation of the dental lab contributes more to the lab fees involved in your total cost.

Complexity of the Procedure
The total cost of the dental implants vary based on the complexity of the procedure like bone grafting, a sinus lift, or periodontal therapy prior to getting dental implant. If such complexities arise, it adds time and financial expense to your overall treatment plan.

Considering financial plans and participating in low cost dental implant programs helps you to accommodate the dental implant fee.

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