Effective Ways to Stay Away From Dental Implant Pain


A dental implant pain is a terrible thing to endure! Many patients planning to get dental implants are understandably concerned about the possibility of pain. Ensuring pain remedies ahead of the surgery will allow you for the speedy recovery and also you can reduce the cost of dental implant in Sydney.

After Implant – Prescriptions

Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers
In addition to any pain relievers prescribed by your surgeon, there are also over-the-counter pain relievers, such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil), available to ease your discomfort.
Over-the-counter Ibuprofen comes in 200mg tablets; patients are generally advised to take one or two of these every four to six hours as needed.

Salt Water Rinses
Gently rinse your mouth with a warm salt water solution to alleviate discomfort. Add one tablespoon of salt to a cup of warm water. Now, gently swirl the water inside your mouth, allowing the solution to reach the implant area, before spitting out the water. Repeat this process 4-5 times a day, especially after meals and before going to bed. By doing this, you can effectively soothe the gum pain and remove any food particles trapped near the implant site.

Clove Oil
Clove oil, an essential oil, is a well-known home-made herbal remedy for toothaches such as the pain following implant surgery. Clove oil contains Eugenol, an excellent natural antiseptic, antibacterial and pain killer.

During the recovery process, pay close attention to the dentist’s guidelines. Avoid chewing hard foods which can prolong the healing time.

After Implant – Diet to Follow
For the next 4-6 hours, you have to take cold liquids only (iced teas, carbonated beverages, fruit juice, lemonade, water). As the cold liquids will allow proper clotting, it can reduce bleeding and also reduce some amount of discomfort. Drink plenty of water, 2-8 ounce glasses for every pain pill.

After the first 6 hour, you may have something to eat. Start with mushy foods: Soup, yogurt, boiled eggs etc. The only foods to avoid are popcorn, nuts, and foods with seeds or berries.

After Implant – Tips to Reduce Swelling
It is common to expect some swelling after surgery. To keep swelling to a minimum, apply an ice pack on to the outside of your face for 15 minutes. Sleep with your head on two pillows. Keeping the head slightly elevated helps minimize swelling.

After Implant – Tips to Reduce Bleeding
It is usual to have some blood mixed with your saliva for the first two or three days after the surgery. Take a wet tea bag and place it over the bleeding area and press firmly for twenty minutes. If the bleeding will not stop, visit the dental clinic immediately.

Make Your Implant Process a Great Success
Follow the above mentioned precautions to make your implant surgery a great success with minimum comfort & pain! With the right information and the skilled hands of our Dental Implant Professionals in Sydney, you can have a successful and rewarding dental implant procedure.