An Overview of Dry Socket after Wisdom Teeth Removal


Dry socket is a dental condition that can occur after extracting a tooth.  Each year, millions of Aussies extract their wisdom teeth, and the occurrence of dry socket is rare. However, about 2-5% of patients experience dry socket, especially after wisdom teeth removal.

What is a dry socket?
After extracting a wisdom tooth, a blood clot usually forms at the surgical site to promote healing and stop bleeding.  When the blood clot is dislodged from the gums, it can create a dry socket, leaving the underlying nerves and bones exposed. Dry socket is a protective layer that shields bones and nerves until the wound gets healed. Besides, blood clots create a foundation for the growth of the new bone and development of new soft tissues.

What causes dry socket?
A dry socket is caused by the loss of a blood clot in the tooth socket after the wisdom teeth removal Sydney.  Dry socket is caused due to a preexisting infection that is present in the mouth before a tooth extraction such as gum disease that prevents the formation of blood clot. It is also caused due to the chemicals present in cigarettes that decrease the blood supply to the extraction site.
Trauma to the extraction site may also lead to dry socket. For example, accidentally poking the wound with a toothbrush may disrupt the socket.


  • Mild to severe pain within a few days after the wisdom teeth removal Sydney
  • Total loss of the blood clot at the tooth extraction site
  • Visible bone in the tooth socket
  • Bad breath and unpleasant taste in your mouth
  • Pain that radiates from the socket to your ear, eyes, and the neck

Risk factors
The following are the factors that increase the risk of developing a dry socket after the cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

  • Smoking – The act of sucking on a cigarette will dislodge the blood and the chemicals in cigarettes may prevent healing and contaminate the wound site.
  • Improper oral care – Failing to follow the post-operative care after pulling out the tooth and poor oral hygiene increase the risk of developing dry socket.
  • Infection – Previous or current infection around the extracted tooth also increase the risk of dry socket


  • Do not worry about the wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney and seek a dentist who has experience in tooth extractions.
  • Try to stop smoking before and after extraction, as they are the primary cause of developing dry socket.
  • Do not drink hot or cold beverages that may dissolve the blood
  • Avoid using straw or spoon for one week after the surgery
  • Keep the extraction site clean.  Rinse your mouth gently every day with salt water or a mouth wash.
  • Strictly follow the post-operative instructions suggested by your dentist to recover soon and to avoid complications during the recovery period.