Advanced Oral Surgery Techniques Allow Patients to get Dental Implants Without any Pain!


Losing a tooth due to dental disease or trauma cannot be avoided, and no one looks forward to oral surgery. But, with today’s technological advances, we are witnessing a revolution in minimally-invasive procedures in dentistry.

Minimally-invasive techniques mean that patients experience less swelling, fewer complications, fast recovery, and more importantly no pain during the surgery and less pain after the surgery.

Yes, now with the advanced techniques and equipment’s, skilled oral surgeons can perform oral surgeries with micro-incisions and specific surgical techniques without affecting the nerves and bones supporting the teeth. The entire experience is painless for patients and recovery time after receiving Sydney dental implants is dramatically improved.

Do dental implants hurt?

NO!! Are you delaying or avoiding dental implant procedure because you are scared that treatment will be too painful? There is a common misconception that dental implants are a painful procedure. But, on the contrary, dental implants in Sydney treatment are actually a painless procedure.

Due to the advancements in dentistry and implant technology, tooth implants treatment is getting more and more common and pain-free. Most of the clinics in Australia use advanced techniques, high-quality materials, and anaesthesia for a comfortable treatment.

First of all, dental implants in Sydney itself are painless because the dentist or oral surgeon will numb your entire mouth before the surgery by giving anaesthesia. If you are too anxious about the surgery, the dentist will give you IV sedation which will help keep you calm and comfortable during the procedure.

How advanced techniques enhance dental implants surgery?

Today’s dental techniques allow for shorter procedure durations, exact implant placement, précised treatment plan, stunning aesthetic results, and moreover provides affordable dental implants in Sydney. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main technological components that allow offering an unrivalled replacement for single or multiple teeth.

Cone beam CT scanner

This scanner is a boon for both patients and dental professionals! The cone beam CT scanner takes only a few seconds to scan the head, from which oral surgeons receive virtually limitless views of entire mouth from any angle, in 3D and Colour. It doesn’t bring harmful rays for patients like X-ray machines, and patients don’t have to wait too long for planning the treatment. Being able to see the bones, tissues, teeth, and nerves clearly it allows for more complete treatment planning.

Advanced software

Advanced software system allows planning an entire implant procedure before starting the surgery. The comprehensive data taken from a 3D cone beam scan is used to plot the surgery without any guesswork. As a result, it enhances the predictability and safety of the procedure.

Titanium dental implants

The dental implants in Sydney are fashioned from a premium quality titanium material. It is extremely strong and highly biocompatible, so there is no chance of rejection. Moreover, the success rate for implants is by far the best of any tooth replacement option at more than 99 precent.