5 Things You Must Know About Dental Implants

Dental implants cost

Dental implants are gaining popularity as the standard treatment for tooth replacement and it is enhancing the oral health of millions of people across the world. We bring you 5 pointers that will help you understand the process and choose wisely when you opt for the implant.

1. Costs Involved

Dental implants cost a few thousand dollars. Before you decide that it is too expensive, think about the money you will spend over the course of your lifetime in caring for missing or damaged teeth with dentures, bridges and crowns. This is an investment for your future with a 90% and higher success rate.

2. Time Involved

The time from your first consultation to the final recovery where you can enjoy your favourite treats will depend on your oral health and procedure you opt for. If you have a damaged jawbone, you might also need bone grafting which will take some additional time.

3. Process Involved

You are given anaesthesia and a titanium rod is inserted in your jaw bone. Once the jawbone accepts the rod (takes about a month or two), a prosthetic tooth is created to fit on the rod. Once these bonds, you can smile happily with your new natural tooth!

4. Instant vs. Permanent

You might also find some instant implant solutions for healthy gums and jawbones. However, these are only temporary and they must be replaced with the permanent prosthetic.

5. Consult a Dentist

A professional dentist will be able to determine if you are the right candidate for dental implants. He can also help you with the payment plans and making the process more affordable. Remember that dental insurance does not reimburse this procedure unless you lost your tooth in an accident.

With a comprehensive research and the support of an expert dentist, you can definitely go through this process easily and enjoy your new set of teeth very soon!